“My work explores mystery, transformation and the sacred.

Existing between a waking and dream state, the archetypal anthropomorphic creatures that are a part of my visual language attempt to illuminate the invisible threads of connection between sentient beings and the environments they inhabit. Depictions of Flora and Fauna integrated with the human and animal characters serve as metaphor for the connections between all living things; Darkness and light are at constant play and I try to maintain a tender balance between the two.

My painting process is largely intuitive and while I feel that my work is a continuing 

story, with each new series or even individual painting informing the next and so on and on, my conceptual process and execution relies more on instinct than exact planning.


I don’t begin with a complete drawing or idea, but a kernel of an idea or a faint picture in my mind and go from there, very much interested in where the vision takes me and engaging in an alternating major and minor role in dictating that direction, sharing the distinction of navigator, with the spirit of the piece itself."